QUESTION: Should Trump Be More BRUTAL With Hillary During Next Debate?

Take the High road? Go for the throat? What should Trump’s strategy be for the next debate?

When you’re a guy fighting a woman, there is a two-sided trap waiting to be sprung for you.

Hold back, and get walked over by someone who risks nothing in hitting hard. The man won’t cry foul because he should be tough enough to ‘take it’.

Get too aggressive, and you’ll be labeled ‘bully’.

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It’s a double-standard. Of course. But in a Leftist world, you get bonus points for being a victim or portraying the other guy as a bully.

(Just ask the guy who ran against her for Senator.)

Her goal isn’t to win on issues anyway. It’s all about ‘tone’. Have you noticed?

We’ve got two competing theories on how he should handle himself.

Hit her hard.

Bring up Clinton Foundation financial irregularities.
Bring up Benghazi.
Bring up the defense of Bill against women who allege he raped them. (This could be a MAJOR Achilles heel for her.)
Bring up pay-for-play.
Hit the Immunity hard.
Ask how many of her own staff she will have to pardon in her first 100 days of office?

The other tactic is to focus on issues and issues only.

Emphasize his own positives.

This will be harder to pull off since we’ve already seen she’s willing to sling mud. And a lot of it.

Which one would YOU like to see in the next debate?

Share if you’d like to see Hillary take the POUNDING any honest media would have given her LONG ago.


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