HILARIOUS: Here’s The BRUTAL Truth About Hillary And Trump’s Taxes

Published on October 9, 2016

A picture worth 1000 words? In this case, yes.

Hillary’s drones seem to have trouble following the logic about Trump’s taxes. Some people are so committed to believing their own propaganda that they are hermetically sealed against any counter-arguments.

That’s when tools like this cartoon can come in handy. They have a way of cutting through the fog and getting straight to the heart of an issue.


Thanks to Federalist Papers for sharing this fine example.

By now, you’ve all heard the Hillary narrative on taxes:

She is saying that it is somehow unAmerican to want to pay no more than the law says one owes the tax-man.

What could POSSIBLY be MORE American than rejecting the government’s demand for more and more taxes?

Isn’t that what prompted that incident in Boston Harbor all those years ago?

Has Hillary ever paid MORE than the taxes her accountant says she owes? Have any of her friends? No. That would be stupid.

Oh wait. What’s that? Hillary used the EXACT SAME deduction in 2015? For a total of $700,000 in tax write-offs? Sorry. Let’s use precise numbers so we can’t be accused of fudging them. $699,540.


Just for perspective, if a typical American makes between 45,000 and 80,000 in a year, that’s roughly the wages of 9-16 citizens she personally wrote off in taxes. How ‘unpatriotic’ of her, freeloading off of citizens like that.

But she holds Trump to a different standard than the one she lives by. Do you think the rules suck? Who was President in ’95? Take it up with him.

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