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News Clash

RIGGED: Watch Voter Machine SWITCH Republican Vote To Democrat … In This SWING STATE

Strange, why do the ‘irregularities’ always benefit the Democrats? Is this not Digital Disenfranchisement?

What would we do without cell phone video? It can turn ANYONE into a journalist. That was Andrew Breitbart’s vision if you’ll remember. Watch as it lets an ordinary citizen do the work ‘real’ journalists REFUSE to do.

‘News’ agencies keep telling us how there is NO voter fraud.

Look at this footage from the 2014 race.

How it that the machine ‘accidentally’ changes a Republican vote to a Democrat one, not once, but several times?

How much worse do you think this will be now that Soros has his hand on the Machines tabulating votes?

Make sure you get your ‘I tried to vote’ sticker! (Becuase CASTING a vote isn’t always the same as HAVING one.)

Are Busses full of Voters a bigger problem than ‘binders full of women’?


Let’s call this what it REALLY is… #DigitalDisenfranchisement. It’s a real threat to the one means common people have of keeping elites on a short leash. And it ALWAYS seems to favor the same party.

EVEN TMZ is reporting voter fraud. Where are the journalists? Probably having snacks on Hillary’s new flying ambulance.

THIS is why some States are switching back to paper ballots.

Paper ballots are harder to rig than digital ones.

Share if we need to put a STOP to Digital Disenfranchisment.

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