TEXAS: To Hell With Stupid Voting Machines… WE’RE Voting With PAPER

Published on October 26, 2016

Texans don’t forfeit their rights easily. Looks like their VOTE is important enough to them that they’re taking action against Digital Disenfranchisement.

They’ve discovered problems with voting machines in some parts of Texas.


“Immediately, Hawthorne contacted ES&S and advised them of the issue. Hawthorne then contacted the Secretary of State’s office, the office overseeing the elections in Texas, and was informed to create emergency paper ballots to be used until the problem could be fixed.”
Hawthorne claims she discovered the problem Monday morning after she cast her own vote and reviewed the electronic ballot. —InfoWars

Would it be cynical to imagine that the ‘close race in Texas’ story was a set up to make such a Hillary win more plausible?

We have an EXPERT on Election Fraud telling us that rigging the vote is child’s play.

Clashdaily’s story about the guy testifying about how Hillary cheated in the Primaries went viral.

Story after story about electronic machine problems point to ‘glitches’ favoring a Democrat candidate.

Now that Hillary’s favorite SugarDaddy has connections with the voting machines themselves…

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