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News Clash

WATCH: Guess What A ‘Religion Of Peacer’ Said About SEX With a 9yr. Old Girl!

Can hardly wait for the ‘Coexist’ crowd to weigh in on this one… Especially In Light Of His EXPLANATION Of WHY He thinks it!

Sex with a 9-year-old may be ‘illegal’ in this country… But whatever, ‘because Mohammad’!

THIS is why we reject Sharia law. Pay attention to his reasoning for WHY he feels the way he does! For anyone new to this particular aspect of history, it’s shockingly repulsive.

Watch all the way to the end for the ‘plot twist!’

The Prophet Mohammad married a 6-year-old. But it’s ‘not pedophilia’.

“Automatically, when she hits puberty, she’s an adult.” — a direct quote.

It’s a little like this:

(‘When the President does it, that means it is NOT illegal.’)

Nope, not a pedophile at all. Obviously. It’s ‘Science’!

Because he waited until after her first period before they had sex. That makes it ok, you see. She might have been 9. Might have been 11. Aisha was his favorite wife.

The obvious reason it ‘isn’t pedophilia’? Because the Prophet did it, so it’s obviously ok.

[How do you feel about that set-up, CoExister? You’re not going to criticize ‘THE PROPHET’ are you? You’re not AN ISLAMOPHOBE, are you? Do you side with the protection of the child, and call Islam’s most holy figure a child-abusing scumbag? Or do you throw the kid under the bus so that you don’t offend cultural sensibilities?

He completely dismissed the other guy’s argument about THE LEGAL AGE OF CONSENT, and could only focus on what Mohammad said.

Do you see any problem with that?

Does that put some of the sexual maladjustments of those flooding into Europe into a slightly different perspective? It certainly should.

Because there are LOTS more from whatever version of Suckistan they may have come from.

Share if THIS is the sort of problem with Sharia that Liberals are too blind to acknowledge.