COMEDIAN: ‘2yrs Ago Obama Embarrassed Trump, Now Trump’s Got His (Expletive) Job!’ (VIDEO)

Here’s a comic who can really put this in perspective. Look at Conan’s face when he goes there. Priceless!

He opens by saying he didn’t vote for either one of them.

Takes some shots at the little princesses crying and protesting the results.

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HOW big was Trump’s win? He puts it in perspective, as only he can.

Has some fun with Trump’s reality show background… (that Cyndi Lauper line was solid).

But his best quips are for how Trump got the last laugh at Obama.

They’ll have you HOWLING.

On that note…

Here’s a very satisfying flashback. Just to rub it in a little. Remember when Obama did the mean tweets? Yeah, well…
… that backfired.


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