HE’S BROKE! Cash-Strapped Anthony Weiner Can’t Afford SEXTING REHAB

Written by K. Walker on December 3, 2016

You won’t believe what Anthony Weiner had to do to pay for his stint at Sexting Rehab.

The program costs $25,000 for 35-day treatment session, but Weiner was intending to stay for 90 days. He left the center for home because he just can’t afford the expensive treatment program.

When he was hit with the $25K bill, he hit up the Bank of ‘Mom and Dad’.

‘His parents took out a mortgage on their house to pay for his rehab,’ a source told Page Six.

As DailyMail.com exclusively reported, Weiner checked into the weeks-long program at The Ranch, a 2,000-acre facility an hour west of Nashville, in early October following our exposé of his sexting relationship with a 15-year-old girl and ensuing FBI investigation.

The Ranch is recognized as one of the nation’s top treatment centers for sex addiction.

There, 800 miles and a whole world removed from his home in Manhattan, the man whose sexting habits placed him at the center of the nation’s most contentious presidential election, was learning to wean himself from the obsessions that led to his self-destruction.

Hillary has probably been cursing out blaming Weiner for the FBI bringing up her emails in the waning days of the election.

But that’s only one of his worries:

…After his multiple notorious sexting scandals, the former congressman is out of work and is allegedly in debt.

On Friday, the New York City Campaign Finance Board fined Weiner $65,000 for improper use of campaign funds from his failed 2013 mayoral run, which will likely add to any financial woes.

The board found that Weiner accepted contributions over the donation limit, failed to show that money he spent was in furtherance of his 2013 mayoral campaign and spent money after the election that was not related to the campaign.

The board is also ordering him to return $195,377 in matching campaign funds, DNA Info reported.
Money that Weiner spent for personal use included him paying his cell phone bill and another personal line he used for fundraising. For that violation, he was fined $2,308.

After the election, Weiner spent $115,268 on expenditures that were not permitted including paying a consultant $46,169.

He also spent $1,500 on a dry cleaning bill, plus a $600 expenditure to someone for buying a television was unexplained, the board said.

Documents from the board show that Weiner paid the Esler Group $26,000 more than what had originally been described in their contract. He also failed to show how the spending was even related to the campaign.

In addition, he paid another $56,210 to people exceeding the amount that was described in their contracts or to people who did not have duties listed next to their names.

Last week, Weiner returned to his Manhattan apartment, which he shares with his estranged with, Huma Abedin, and their four-year-old son Jordan.

The couple announced their separation in August.

Abedin is believed to be receiving pay from the Clinton Foundation, where she worked.
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It looks like Anthony Weiner has a LOT of problems that are piling up.

Will Huma help him out financially with her Clinton Foundation salary?

Wouldn’t that be a weird twist?

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comments.

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