LMAO: Secretary Of State Casts Doubt On ‘Russia Did It’ Theory

Published on December 16, 2016

Is John Kerry Now part of that ‘Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy’?

That awkward moment when John Kerry is challenging the integrity of Liberal journalists.

Carl Sagan, in a different context, once famously said ‘extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence’.

News reporters are asking us to accept… ‘on faith’ … claims that Trump’s success in the election and the release of emails damaging to Hillary were due to a Russian [or was it ‘Vast-Right-Wing’? It gets so confusing] Conspiracy.

Secretary of State John Kerry wouldn’t accuse Russian president Vladimir Putin of masterminding hacks on Democrats to throw the U.S. presidential election today.

He cast doubt on a report claiming that Putin personally ordered cyber attacks on Democratic operatives Thursday afternoon, using air quotes as he talked about the anonymous ‘intelligence officials’ behind the leaking.

‘Look, I am not going to start making comments at this point. I haven’t commented on this publicly because of the job I do,’ Kerry said. ‘I’m not going to comment on anonymous reports from intelligence officials that are not identified that have quotes around the concept of intelligence officials.’DailyMail

The same media that salivated over the possibility of Hillary’s election, and were horrified at Trump’s win have hardly been ‘objective’.

If they want us to believe a conspiracy story that supports their OWN most cherished biases, they’ll have to put up something FAR more convincing than ‘unnamed sources say’.

At this point, they haven’t even convinced the Democratic Secretary of State. He actually has DIRECT ACCESS to classified info and hasn’t spent the last six months trying to discredit Trump and prop up Hillary.

If the guy with the security clearances doesn’t buy it…

Why should WE believe you?

Put up or shut up.

Until then? Just go away.

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