WUSSIFICATION: Liberals Are FURIOUS Over Kate’s COYOTE Coat — However, Texans LOVE It

Published on December 10, 2016

Q: What looks great… deals with a nuisance animal… and makes Libs lose their minds?

Are Coyotes cute little victims, or vile, bloodthirsty beasts? That depends on who’s telling the story.

Let’s start with what the Daily Mail had to say. See how they frame the story about a winter coat with fur trim… here are the opening lines:

With its front paw clamped in a steel trap, its eyes wide with terror, the coyote makes a last bid for freedom.

But the tether holds firm and the hunter approaches. A shot rings out. The coyote, a member of the dog family, lies dead.

The video, posted online and viewed more than 25 million times, undoubtedly makes for unpleasant viewing.

But for owners of this winter’s most sought-after coat, it could make them pause for thought.

Translation: ‘fur is bad’. Why? Because someone, somewhere used this mean method to catch an animal.

If you haven’t caught on by now, the political left speaks a binary langage of victim/oppressor. It’s how they use emotions to control the public, and win people over to otherwise indefensible ideas.

They try to tell us to use synthetic. (Arent’ synthetics derived from Oil? There’s really no way to win this argument. They just want to control the issue, and therefore, control the public.)

“a member of the dog family lies dead”

What a bizarre thing for people who put Darwin on a pedestal to get upset about. An animal died. Animals die every day. That same coyote KILLS other animals to eat.

In fact… killing that coyote saves a lot of lives… including the lives of ACTUAL, DOMESTICATED dogs.

Why are leftists having a ‘poor Bambi’ cry over a coyote? This isn’t Old Yeller.

It is just as fair, and MORE honest (although it tells a different story) to say it is in the ‘wolf’ family, the ‘jackal’ family, the ‘dingo’ family. We CARE about dogs not because they are canines but because they are PETS.

No coyote is going to visit a dying owner in the hospital like this Boxer did.

Nobody is going to punch out a Kangaroo to save the life of a coyote (or, Dingo, the local equivalent) like THIS guy did for his dog.

We don’t hear Leftists enraged about REAL violence against REAL dogs… like the systematic poisoning of THESE ones…

What is the outrage? Kate Upton wore THIS on the cover of Sports Illustrated:


Once, Canada Goose’s parkas were the preserve of the rich and famous, with celebrities including Jodie Foster, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon and Daniel Craig photographed wearing them. Now, though, they have entered the mainstream.

Middle-class men and women are splashing out between £700 and £1,650 for these distinctive coats.

They are buying garments guaranteed to keep them warm. Used for decades by mountaineers and adventurers, they are designed to be used in temperatures as low as minus 30c.

Crucial for survival in the Arctic or the Alps, undoubtedly, but not for popping to the shops in Chelsea or watching from the touchline as the children play football in Cheshire.

But what many of its fashion-conscious owners seem to be unaware of is what animal rights activists claim is the cruelty behind the coats.

Many Canada Goose coats have hoods trimmed with fur from coyotes shot or trapped in Canada and North America (although the company behind the coats says scenes in the video of the animal being killed have nothing to do with its suppliers, who are all traceable and act ethically).
Read more: DailyMail

What the smug ‘rights’ advocates do NOT seem to realize is the harm coyotes do to pets, farm animals, and crops.

Maybe instead of watching the ‘Old Yeller’ poor coyote propaganda film, they should watch a “When Coyotes Attack” flick instead. Here you go. Educate a liberal.


Coyotes are not cute furballs that need your protection. They will gladly — and literally — eat your precious Fifi alive.

Besides, let’s face it… if everyone looked as good in that coat as Kate Upton does? We’d all want one.

If you’re still having trouble processing this… here’s a book on the topic:

Rise, Kill and Eat: A Theology of Hunting from Genesis to Revelation

If you’re just too squeamish? There’s a different one for ya:

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