QUESTION: What’s SCARIER – Finding Hillary Or Michelle Under The Mistletoe?

Published on December 24, 2016

If you had a gun to your head, and were forced to choose…

Supposing your captor led you to Hillary and Michelle sitting under the mistletoe, what do you do? And which one scares you more?

If you’re FORCED to choose? It’s a binary A or B.

There’s no cute trick that gives you option ‘c’. No grabbing the captor’s gun and shooting them. No suicide. No making one kiss the other.

(We apologize for that unpleasant image, but those are the answers we sometimes get.)

Pretend some unnamed horrible fate awaits someone ou love if you fail to choose. (Like them being forced to make the same choice.)

If you don’t choose? You LOSE and the penalty will be that you have to kiss them both. “Passionately.”

Now that the rules of the game are established… which do yo choose?

And, just as relevant, what would you gargle with when you are done?

You can leave your answers in the comments.

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