QUESTION: Does Obama HATE Israel And FANCY Muslim Nations?

Written by K. Walker on December 29, 2016

The Obama Administration took a new direction in US-Israeli relations. Why would Barry ditch the long-standing alliance?

Some Democrats are asking the same question.

On Tuesday night, Democratic Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer, released a statement urging Kerry to not give what turned out to be a blistering speech against Israel.

“Now, it is my understanding that Secretary Kerry, in the last few days of this Administration, intends to outline the parameters of an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. This flies in the face of the United States’s longstanding position that such a formulation should be reached only through negotiations by the parties and not by the United States, the United Nations, or any other third party,” Hoyer said.

“I urge Secretary Kerry and the Administration not to set forth a formula, which will inevitably disadvantage Israel in any negotiation,” Hoyer added.

Instead of turning against Israel, Hoyer urged Kerry — and by extension the rest of the Obama Administration — now to stand with Israel.
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Some Senate Democrats were upset about the US Abstention on the UN Resolution against Israeli settlements. They used social media to express their displeasure at the Lame Duck Administration:

Obama has been made his dislike of Israel has been pretty clear:

And what about Obama’s love for Muslim countries?

The concern is now that Obama may officially recognize the Palestinian state at the Paris Peace Conference in January. A conference that Israel has refused to attend as they believe that a peace agreement must be brokered between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, not by an external, international confab.

Secretary of State John Kerry, who has been a thorn of moral equivalency in Israel’s side for years, is set to address a Jan. 15 peace conference in Paris. Rumors abound for Kerry’s exact agenda there, but there are worries that he will continue to publicly rebuke the Jewish state, or worse, announce recognition of a Palestinian state.

Kerry will join fellow foreign ministers of the world for a Paris Middle East peace conference. It does not appear that the confab will discuss any actions planned against ISIS or the Assad regime. They will not condemn Russia’s bombing campaign against innocent civilians. They will not address Iran-backed Hezbollah’s sectarian slaughter. Instead, the efforts of this conference will circulate around forcing their will upon Israel, the region’s only democracy.
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Jimmy Carter had opined in a New York Times Op-Ed that Obama should ‘grant American diplomatic recognition to the state of Palestine, as 137 countries have already done, and help it achieve full United Nations membership.’

And don’t forget:

He is silent on the genocide of Christians in Syria. Has favored Muslim refugees over Christians at an astonishing rate. Newsweek reported in September had the percentage as one-half of one percent. (FYI: 10% of the Syrian population was Christian.)

He also refuses to acknowledge ‘Islamic Terror’, and often brings up the Crusades when it is mentioned.

He made that complete shit deal with Iran, then flooded them with cash. The initial $400 Million Not-A-Hostage-Payment and another $1.3 Billion after that.

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