BREAKING: Rosie O’Donnell FINALLY Boards Plane To Canada

Published on January 15, 2017

Does this mean Rosie is FINALLY keeping that promise to leave…?

With apologies to Canada (better them than us … #SorryNotSorry) we’ve been thrilled at the idea of Rosie packing her bags and heading North. Forever.

Rumor has it, she finally made good on that promise. Here’s a shot of her plane getting ready for departure.


Damn. Maybe it’s still too soon to light the cigars or pop the champagne.

Don’t worry. We DO have good news about Rosie for you.

You remember when Rosie was melting down about how America should be under ‘martial law’ until Trump was ‘
cleared of all charges’, right? (A little extreme, aren’t ya, Rosie?)

Well, we have a lovely clip of Judge Jeanine bursting Rosie’s bubble as only she can:

Wow, Rosie, what kind of fevered dreams do you have to even come UP with this stuff?

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