CLASH POLL: Are YOU For Trump’s BAN On Visas From Terror States?

Written by K. Walker on January 30, 2017

The outrage is everywhere — how do YOU feel about the ban on visas from Terror states?

President Trump is taking heat for everything he does.

He can’t sneeze without a few thousand protesters saying he’s a fascist-racist-xenophobic-sexist-misogynistic-Islamophobic-white supremacist-Nazi.

ClashDaily has already reported that this isn’t a ‘Muslim ban’.

ClashDaily also reported that Obama and Hillary did the same thing with Iraqi visas for 6 months, not 90 days.

Katie Hopkins, as usual, gets this bang-on.

Have you noticed? There has been more outrage from the left over Trump’s so-called Muslim ban, than over terror itself.

More gnashing of gums and loud wailing, more placards decrying the plight of a few tourists and travellers, than over the bodies blown apart by Islamic extremists at Brussels airport in March last year.

So much collective outrage, in fact, I wonder how on earth a ban imposed by 16 countries on Israeli citizens has remained in place for quite so long with such quiet acceptance.

Curious, isn’t it? What liberals will and won’t accept.


Hmmm… that is weird, isn’t it?

Here is the list of 16 countries that ban Israeli passport holders:

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

And what do these countries all have in common other than the ban on Israeli citizens?

It couldn’t be Islam, could it? That’s just a coincidence, I’m sure.

What is also strange that when I speak to Muslims and ask why they feel the need to flee persecution or seek refuge, I am told it is because Islam is suffering and is incredibly divided. Because the tensions between Sunni and Shia are simply overwhelming.

What stumps me is why non-Muslim countries are expected to welcome such a divided religion with open arms.

And if we think about the problems facing Syrian, Iran, Somalia and Yemen and the rest in the context of the US president’s inaugural address, why would America want to keep allowing such division to its shores?

Whether Muslims want to acknowledge it or not, extremists commit atrocities in the name of Allah. They do it according to and in observance of their interpretation of their faith.

What has led us to this latest executive order is not only Islamic extremists knifing, shooting, stabbing and exploding peaceful citizens in the West, but also the abject failure of the wider Muslim community to denounce these vile acts…

…In its wild lament, the left has missed the point entirely. Trump is sending out a message.

His 90-day ban on seven Muslim countries is in place to achieve one thing and one thing only: Trump wants you to understand America has borders, and from now on it’s going to protect them.
Read more: Daily Mail

Do you think Katie is right and this travel ban is to show the world that we finally have a President that is looking to secure our borders?

This is a temporary ban on visas as the vetting process for travel to the US from these terror-prone states is assessed.

The previous administration had cited these 7 countries as risks.

The old guy in charge didn’t seem to take threats of Islamic terror seriously. Heck, he couldn’t even say it.

Perhaps it’s prudent to take a look at what was in place and what needs to be in place.

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