DEAR MERYL STREEP: Remember When Obama RIDICULED The Special Olympics, You Hypocritical Ditz?

Published on January 10, 2017

Meryl Streep got all weepy about disabilities. Trump… what a ‘monster’ he must be.

Oops. She wasted her energy and got all weepy about disproven, overblown Anti-Trump propaganda. (Explained here.)

Why didn’t we get to hear her mention an ACTUAL disparaging comment made by a President about people with disabilities — remember THIS?

“I bowled a 129.”

(ha ha ha ha ha..)

“It was like.. (snicker) it was like … Special Olympics or something.”

What a pompous jackass!

Which fool should we answer first? Streep or Obama?

Ok… let’s start with Obama.

THIS is Special Olympics.

Let’s address you, Obama: What you saw here is called a ‘Strike’. Google it.

Rest assured whoever threw that strike would have no problem kicking your sorry ass in bowling.

You couldn’t hold a candle to them. Many Ordinary Joes couldn’t. Because they take their bowling seriously. And they got good at it.

You are a just a hack, laughing off his own ineptitude by making a joke at someone else’s expense. (It’s like the blame you shift for the consequences of your policies… Blaming Bush well into your second term, for instance.)

Bowling or basketball, you just aren’t that good. That’s fine. Not everyone is. Own it. You don’t have to mock the disabled and their REAL accomplishments in the process. Maybe you’re better at golf. After three hundred (+) games in 8 years, we’d certainly hope so.

Now could someone please forward Obama’s ‘Special Olympics’ clip to Meryl Streep?

Better still… could an actual journalist with a microphone and a camera ask her reaction to it?

That IS what the media used to do, isn’t it? Correcting the record, calling out hypocrisy… that sort of thing?

And you KNOW she wants you to DO your journalist-y things.

After all, she wants to ‘protect’ you from… something.

Protect you from some half-imagined horror forming in the mist… just beyond our peripheral vision… looming…

From Donald…


No. Wait. There IS no mist.

That’s just every 80’s slasher trailer ever made.

And also Streep’s speech.

Thanks for nothing, Meryl. Can we all go back to not caring what you do with your life now?

That’d be great.

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