Written by S.C. Sherman on January 21, 2017

Hollywood is sinking into an abyss they can’t see. It’s like watching an animal struggling in the tar pits. They flail about and hope they’ll escape, but in reality, they’re already dead. The self-righteous stars of the modern age have become a mockery to themselves. It’s almost a comedy how ridiculous they are.

Meryl Streep’s recent rant was simply the icing on a cake of lies. America’s movie stars live fake lives. They play “pretend” for a living and that pays them millions of dollars for only a few months of work. Then they are literally worshipped by an adoring public. There is almost no way it can’t go to their head. Reality for the normal American is diametrically opposed from even the “B” list movie star.

This brings me to Matt Damon. He’s a big name and kind of a “Big Deal”. He’s brought us hits like Good Will Hunting and the Jason Bourne series. All the while he’s spoken out against the evils of gun ownership and our Second Amendment freedoms. He hates global warming and only supports the most appropriate causes. His hypocrisy knows no bounds.

He has taken his arrogance to a whole new level with his latest movie titled, The Great Wall.

Watch the trailer here.

As if it wasn’t enough to speak out against America’s gun freedoms while profiting seven figures for each gun laden movie. He takes it up a notch with his newest flick. In the spirit of The Last Samurai…it is obvious by this Hollywood nightmare that Asian’s simply can’t save the world on their own. It takes a white guy like Matt Damon to get it done.

The only man-made structure visible from outer space is the Great Wall of China. That is quite a feat. It is literally an architectural marvel created entirely by Asian hands. How did it get built? Why was it built? No one knows for sure. It’s length and strength are stunningly marvelous. What kind of civilization would go through the immense trouble it would take to build a wall to keep something out? Was it effective or did it fail? Mystery surrounds the Great Wall, but one thing is for sure.

It had nothing to do with “White People”.

I’m the first one to bash on the fallacy of “White Privilege” when it is being used to elevate any other race for some nefarious collusion. I don’t buy into it, but what do I know? I’m of European descent…AKA an old white guy.

However, I saw the trailer for Damon’s new movie come across my social media pages and I had to laugh. Really? Matt Damon is going to save the Great Wall from a horde of demons? I guess those crazy Asian Ninjas who’ve been training in disciplined warfare for generations couldn’t get the job done without a guy like Matt Damon. I’m sorry, for some reason I could buy Damon as a spy with 9 mm in his hand, but trade it for a bow in ancient China and somehow…it’s fake. Totally unbelievable.

Everyone knows it takes a white guy to make a hit movie.

No movie with only Asians could succeed in Hollywood, right? So, to create a cool fantasy about the Great Wall, we better get a couple white guys in there! Forget about that The Walking Dead guy who got his head bashed in. Isn’t he Mexican or something? Better yet, this movie needs Matt Damon! He’s Hollywood gold. He’ll help out those little yellow people with their so-called Great Wall. Don’t forget to toss in a super-hot Asian chick though. American’s love hot Asian girls with swords. That will sell.

How dumb can you be?

I’ve written this whole piece from watching the trailer. I will watch the movie once it comes out on DVD or Pay Per View…no way I’m paying ticket prices for this laughable racist POS!

I’m no casting agent…but I could have made this movie a success without paying Matt Damon a few million. Seriously, here’s how it would have made millions and not been a racist laughingstock.

I would have cast Glenn from The Walking Dead in Matt Damon’s part. Boom. Done.

Take it to the bank. Everyone loves Glenn. He’s looking for a new gig after that whole Negan bat thing. Glenn (Steven Yeun) would have taken this movie to the upper echelons. I would have shelled out for a real ticket to see Glenn kick some crazy demon spawn butt assaulting the Great Wall. But no…Hollywood opted for Matt Damon and his whitey white whiteness.

It turns out that Hollywood loves to lecture all of us on how prejudiced we are, when in reality, they are the worst of the worst.

photo credit: christopherharte Matt Damon Signing Autographs Out back of the Isabel Bader Theatre during tiff 08 Premiere of The People Speak via photopin (license)

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S.C. Sherman
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