HILARIOUS: Snowflake’s Cry Of ANGUISH Caught On Camera As TRUMP Was Sworn In

Published on January 20, 2017

Did you think nothing could beat those ELECTION-Day meltdowns? Behold: INAUGURATION Day.

So, what does a Conservative do on Inauguration day?

Pull up a seat and watch history unfold.

Maybe grab a snack…

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Popcorn makes you thirsty. You’ll need something to drink. You grab your favorite cup…


But they were Soooo good. And you’ve run out. Where will you get more?

Good News, it’s INAUGURATION DAY! There’s sure to be SOMETHING!

You’d better believe it!

Here you go. Fill that cup!


And now that your snacks are sorted out? You’re ready to watch history unfold.

Here is Trump’s Swearing in and Inaugural Speech.


Share if THESE tears are even more satisfying than November’s


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