HALLELUJAH! Style & Grace Enters The White House

Isn’t it wonderful to see someone who RISES to the dignity of that office again?

There was a time when it was simply ASSUMED that a First Lady carried a particular … what shall we call it?


Think of the Democrats’ love for ‘Camelot’.

They LOVE JFK, sure… but Jacqueline? They ADORED her.

She embodied Style and Grace.

Since then, we’ve seen glimpses of it here and there.

But recently, the bar has been lowered.

The outgoing Flotus was surly. Scowling. Coarse.

Eight long years of lecturing. Complaining. Scolding.

And now?

Like opening a window in a stuffy room, Melania is taking office.

Here she is.


Isn’t it nice to have a Flotus who doesn’t make you cringe when she goes out in public?

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