WATCH: Anti-Trump Protesters Get HOSED Down With PEPPER SPRAY And It’s HILARIOUS

Published on January 20, 2017

In case you’re wondering, THIS is what impotent rage looks like:

There is Literally NOTHING the can do to stop President Trump from taking office, and serving as President.

They HATE him (of course they do… they’ve been conditioned to hate him)… even before he has served his first minute in office.

And how, exactly does ‘love trump hate’? By breaking windows and burning stuff.

Here’s footage from the protesters ‘interacting’ with police.

The night before Trump’s inauguration:

The day OF Trump’s Inauguration:

Remember way back in October, when they assumed Hillary would win? How they scolded us?

WHAT HAS allowed the United States to last for so long as a democracy, when so many other countries have failed? There are many factors, but none is more fundamental than this: When we hold elections, the losing party acknowledges the legitimacy of the winner, and the winner allows the loser to survive to fight another day. —Washington Post

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