HEY, CNN: Women’s March Speaker Was JAILED For THIS Anti-LGBT Crime — Is THAT News?

Published on January 27, 2017

27 years in prison for what she did … and SPEAKER at the march??

At the ‘Pussy March’ we were ‘treated’ to a wide variety groups who have nothing in common except Leftism (besides George Soros funding) coming together to froth and curse about their hatred for Trump. Free speech is like that sometimes. Even the bankrolled kind.

But how can these same people turn a BLIND EYE to bonafide violent hate crimes that someone with a SPEAKING ROLE in the same march spent 27 years in jail for?

When the Left decides they want to destroy someone, they have a very effective system they employ. They dumpster-dive through the person’s past — sometimes going back decades — looking for something juicy enough that they think will ‘stick’.

The Pussy March was the outgrowth of that. Democrats dug up an embarrassing hot mic moment from Donald Trump a dozen or so years earlier, and make a ‘movement’ out of it.

They polarize and demonize the right for words.

They shunned Pro-life groups, remember?

But thes SAME leftists who ‘never forget’ allow a HORRIBLE woman to speak — Donna Hylton. With two other women she literally tortured a man to death (it took 20 days or so). She figured he was gay, so what did it matter that she shoved a three-foot bar up his rectum?

Donna starts at the 12 min mark… here:

Note how she opens her address to the crowd:

this march is about us… the people…. the women in this country who refuse to be marginalized, sexualized, and abused in silence. She stands up and says she used to be known as inmate number something or other… and she plays the victim card. Oh, look how unfair it was for society to lock me away like that.




Did she happen to mention WHY she was locked away for 27 years? Probably not.

She used the emotional buzzwords ‘marginalized’, ‘sexualized’, and ‘abused’ in the very first part of her address. She was trying to get the crowd emotionally invested in what she was going to say next.

Keep those words in mind as you read further.

The Spectator gave some context on what she did to land herself in prison for so long.

Does this sound like an innocent victim to you?

Vigliarole believed the three girls were prostitutes who were going to have sex with him. Instead, they picked him up on March 8 in Elmhurst, Queens, at Maria’s home, and drugged him to make him drowsy. Then they drove him to Selma’s apartment in Harlem. The apartment had already been prepared for an extended torture session: The closet door had been cut, a pot put in it for use as a toilet, the windows boarded.

For the next 15 to 20 days (police aren’t sure just when Vigliarole died), the man was starved, burned, beaten, and tortured. (Even 10 years later, Spurling could recall Rita’s chilling response when they questioned her about shoving a three-foot metal bar up Vigliarole’s rear: “He was a homo anyway.” How did she know? “When I stuck the bar up his rectum he wiggled.”)

The three girls took turns watching the man. It was Donna who delivered a ransom note and tape to a friend of Vigliarole’s, who was able to get a partial license plate number of the car she was driving. He notified the police, who traced the plate to a rental car facility. On April 6 the suspects were arrested, and detectives spent 36 hours straight interviewing the seven men and women. “We had to keep going back and forth and catch them in lies,” said Spurling. “It was a never-ending circle of lies.”

Spurling himself interviewed Donna: “I couldn’t believe this girl who was so intelligent and nice-looking could be so unemotional about what she was telling me she and her friends had done. They’d squeezed the victim’s testicles with a pair of pliers, beat him, burned him. Actually, I thought the judge’s sentence was lenient. Once a jailbird, always a jailbird.”

What does she do now?

Donna Hylton has a website where she focuses on women’s issues and prison reform:

Donna Hylton is a women’s rights activist and criminal justice reform advocate. Donna speaks publicly about the issues facing incarcerated women and girls and the significant impact the significant increase in the female prison population is having on families, children and our communities.

Should we feel SORRY for her? Should we elevate her to a position of social prominence?

In the interview above, she dares to explain her reason for going to the march this way:

We continue to be silenced… negated… villified… dehumanized. She stood up to say we’re here. We’re relevant. You MUST hear our stories.

Well now you have HEARD her story. More specifically, the man whose life she destroyed. And silenced. And dehumanized. The same torturous murder that led the incarceration on which her public platform rests.

Do you STILL want to give her a microphone?

Will LBGT give her a pass simply because she’s leftist like them?

Share if she has forfeit ANY right to moralize to anyone.

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