LITTLE PUNK: Kid Tells Reporters WHY He Started Fire At Anti-Trump Riot

Published on January 20, 2017

And the parent of the year award? Won’t be awarded here. Yikes.

Why are protesters so very fascinated by fire?

There was a time where we engaged our rivals by challenging their ideas.

Do protesters do that now? Not exactly.

They take a DIFFERENT approach these days…


Little junior hasn’t QUITE graduated to the Big Leagues yet…


But that doesn’t mean he’s not well on his way.

Watch the snot-nosed punk get ‘interviewed’ about the fire he set in the middle of the street at an anti-Trump protest:

“Why did you start the fire?” Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins asked.

“Because I felt like it, and because I’m just saying, ‘Screw our president!'” the boy responded.

Isn’t that nice.

An arsonist in training.

And the ‘adults’ stood by in approval.

Share if behavior like this USED to be solved with a ‘switch’.

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