Will Obama Be A CLASSY Ex-Pres OR A Pain In The BUTT?

Published on January 20, 2017

Crunch time for Obama: will he show class or be a petulant child?

Will Obama step up and respect the dignity of his office at least long enough for the one day that power is transferred?

Will he step back — like Dubya did — and remain silent, letting the new guy do his job without the interference of a ‘shadow government’ or backseat driver?

Bush, you will remember, didn’t interfere, even to defend his own record and reputation. This despite the fact that Obama blamed every problem that ever came up on Dubya, well into Obama’s SECOND term in office!

Should we expect THAT level of class from Obama?

We at ClashDaily doubt he’s even CAPABLE of that kind of class. ‘Exhibit A’:

Let’s see if he heeds his own advice, or if he was just trying to manipulate

Obama and his aides have, rather gently, made the one-president point. After Trump took a phone call with the president of Taiwan, Obama observed: “Since there’s only one president at a time, my advice to him has been that before he starts having a lot of interactions with foreign governments other than the usual courtesy calls, that he should want to have his full team in place.” — Washington Post

The Narcissist-In-Chief is a Community Organizer. He’s an Alinsky-ite.

He’s an idealogue.

He is even not CAPABLE of Moving-On (dot-org).

Should we expect class from him?

No more than we’d expect it from his wife.

Share if Obama will find a way to make this all about HIM.