PERFECT! Two NY Papers Publish Same HEADLINE On Trump’s Inauguration And It’s WICKEDLY ACCURATE!

When rival papers use the SAME headline, you know they’ve captured the pulse of the nation.

Something has shifted in America.

Today is a new day.

A new era.

These New York papers have captured that ‘HOPE’ and (dare I say…) ‘CHANGE’.

The New York Daily News and New York Post are fierce rivals. The former is a left-wing publication known for stirring up controversy with hard-charging activist headlines. The latter is a conservative-leaning publication that is not afraid of stirring the pot with unconventional takes and political gossip.

So, when the two publications ran the exact same headline on Trump’s Inauguration, it’s not only an anomaly, it says something about the national pulse.

Check out the 2 Front pages:


Once the tweet of the images made the rounds, some made alternate headline suggestions:

And this astute observation on the use of language by each paper:

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