SMACKDOWN: CNN Requests Press Passes For The ‘DeploraBall’ — Gets THIS Instead!

We’ve all waited for this day… and now it’s FINALLY here! CNN gets put in their place. Firmly.

CNN got an epic smackdown when it requested press passes to cover the highly anticipated DeploraBall, a pro-Trump inauguration party being held tonight at the National Press Club.

MAGA 3X, the group that organized the DeploraBall, posted a blistering response to CNN, saying its press application was rejected because of the network’s history of biased news coverage.

MAGA 3X said it had issued press passes to other liberal media outlets like the New Yorker and New York magazine, but CNN didn’t deserve to cover the event.
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Jack Posobiec, co-organizer of the Deploraball said that CNN wasn’t the only organization excluded:


Social media users went crazy with glee:

James O’Keefe, whose Project Veritas just posted a video about the brainstorming of an attack on the DeploraBall tweeted as well:

Just a reminder, CNN:


And don’t you forget it!

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