VIDEO: Democrat Activists Demonstrate ‘PEACEFUL’ Transition Of Power … By BREAKING Stuff

Published on January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day, did YOURS involve Pepper Spray? THEIRS did!

Those self-righteous liberals still think they can somehow make the election ‘not happen’?

Do the American People need to have THEIR will thrust upon them?

They’re SO super-special that they can make the election un-happen?

They are the just having a generalized temper-tantrum, like the kid who holds his breath, lays on the ground and pounds the floor with feet and fists.

They marched.

They set a limo on fire.

They busted windows and destroyed property… while carrying a large banner declaring — ‘Peaceful Transition of Power’.

And they clashed with police… who used pressure grenades to disperse the crowds. (There was some panic with the reporters as they struggled to stay out of the way. They caught a few of the explosions on film:

There were also some very well-orchestrated rapid advance tactics used by the officers in riot gear that was pretty cool to watch in action.

Meanwhile… Everyone else? They were elsewhere, watching the REAL Peaceful Transition of Power from Obama to Trump.

Wonderful event, it was. Too bad the thugs missed it. They might have learned something important about civics.

Share if these morons proved they have nothing but impotent rage.