WATCH: Liberal Idiot Sets HIMSELF On Fire ‘Protesting’ Trump And We LOVE It

Published on January 18, 2017

‘The stupid it burns’ has never had a better application than this story.

Did nobody tell this guy that the ‘tips for protesters’ segment in O’Reilly’s show was intended as HUMOR rather than — you know — ‘advice’?

They were kidding about the nudity (well, probably kidding). And they were MOCKING you when they suggested self-immolation.

But seriously. Their stupidity knows no bounds. On the very same day, some moron tries THIS:

(Source: NBC’s Shomari Stone)

What was his ’cause’? He was ‘protesting the fact that we’ve elected somebody…’

…long pause…

[Damn, you’d think they guy might have given this some thought BEFORE BBQing himself!]

‘who is completely incapable of…’

…long pause…


‘…Respecting the constitution of the United States.’

Dude, you just showed up eight years too late to your own party. ‘Incapable of respecting the Constitution?’ Does the phrase ‘a pen and a phone’ ring any bells? The guy YOU are describing is about to FINISH his term as President.


This is what happens when you are driven by emotion, and not reason.

(And no, his injuries — like his arguments — were not serious.)

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