This Arrogant Chick’s An ILLEGAL Alien – Guess How MANY Times She VOTED In Our Election!

Written by K. Walker on February 12, 2017

You know how the Media (D) makes fun of President Trump for saying that illegal immigrants voted in the election? Maybe he was talking about cases like this one.

Rosa Ortega voted 5 times.

The Mexican citizen illegally registered to vote in 5 cities in Texas. She had checked the box on her driver’s license saying she was a non-citizen.

The kicker? Her lawyers are calling the penalty ‘harsh’. Obviously, it’s President Trump’s fault that she’s facing 8 years of jail time and deportation.


I would say that the Liberals are going to be ‘up in arms’, but well, they don’t like guns preferring rocks, fire and pepper spray.

ClashDaily reported on voter fraud in the 2016 Presidential election.

ClashDaily has covered the voters that were deceased that still somehow voted from beyond the grave.

The question remains:

How many other people like Rosa Ortega out there?

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