BREAKING: NY Files A Tax Warrant Against Ivanka For Tax Evasion – The Amount Is HILARIOUS!

Published on February 22, 2017

It’s SAD how DESPERATE they are to rake mud against a Trump… ANY Trump.

After what we’ve seen for the last eight years the Left finally cares about delinquent taxes?

The ‘gotcha’ media thinks they’ve got another story.

(This is the sort of ‘fake news’ story that CNN lost a court case over. Reporters are TRYING to paint the subject of their story in a negative light … objective facts be damned.)

According to legal documents obtained by, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry was hit with a New York State lien on January 26, accusing the company of failing to pay over $5,000 in taxes.
The Fifth Avenue jewelry store, located within Trump Tower, carries high-end pieces ranging from $1,000 to $20,000. The shop is officially listed as Madison Avenue Diamonds LLC. —Daily Mail

Wait. What? Five thousand lousy bucks? And that’s … a story?

Five Thousand Bucks is a freaking ROUNDING ERROR for that family!

But someone is looking to score points.

By contrast, the last president WEAPONIZED THE IRS. And he used it as a cudgel against his POLTICAL RIVALS.

But that wasn’t a story. Wasn’t a scandal. (‘Not a smidgen of corruption’.)

Meanwhile, Al Sharpton … who was reported by the New York Times as owing $4.5Million in delinquent taxes in 2014 … and still owed at least $600k in 2016 … was inexplicably a guest of the WHITE House rather than (Like Wesley Snipes) a guest in the BIG House.

Double standard much?

Or the tampon-earring talking head from MSNBC — Melissa Harris-Perry — who, with her husband, had a lien for being $70,000 delinquent.

At least they don’t MAKE tax laws that he’s cheating. That would be humiliating. Right, Charlie Rangel?

What about this story from 2010?
Capitol Hill employees owed $9.3 million in back taxes last year, data show

Meanwhile, George Soros, at one point faced Seven BILLION in taxes when the loophole he was using to NOT pay them got closed in 2008.

There was a headline (and link) that sums up our situation nicely:
Hey, what if we fired federal employees seriously delinquent on taxes? Democrats: Nah.

What REALLY interests the Media (D)?

Any of the CHRONIC non-payment we see of those on the Left? Or abuses against the right by the IRS itself?

Nope. They’re super-excited about five thousand dollars.

Not five thousand dollars she PERSONALLY owes.

Five Thousand Dollars her Business owes.

The same business they’ve been desperate to bankrupt… coincidence? No… probably not.

Share if this story would never have been run if President Trump were a Democrat.

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