DEAR PATRIOTS: Guess How Much Of YOUR Tax Dollars UC BERKLEY Gets? (Hint — It’s A LOT!)

The answer is probably a LOT higher than you think…


Yes, indeed that giant, blue semicircle that says ‘$370 m’ indicates your tax dollars at work.


UC Berkeley last year received $370 million in funding from the federal government, underlining the seriousness of President Trump’s threat to withdraw funding following leftist riots at the college yesterday.

The riots, which were a successful effort to prevent Breitbart Senior Editor MILO from speaking at the university, were condemned by President Donald Trump, who earlier threatened to take away the university’s federal funding…

…On the UC Berkeley website, the university boasts that “each year, the UC Berkeley campus receives well over half a billion dollars in research and other support from external sources.”

“The federal government provided 55 percent of these funds, and California state agencies and other government sources, industry, and the nonprofit sector supplied the rest,” it continues.
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President Trump thinks that opposing ‘Free Speech’ means an end to the ‘free ride’.


Think of what that money could do to assist other schools that still believe in the First Amendment and not fascism!

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