SHOCKING: Jonah Goldberg Weighs In On Riot In BERKLEY — What He Said Is DUMBFOUNDING

Jonah Goldberg’s comments on the Berkeley anti-Milo Yiannopoulos riot are just plain shocking.

The tolerant left will destroy private property, smash the windows of businesses and loot them, they will beat and pepper spray political adversaries, graffiti buildings, light things on fire, and rob ATMs.

Remember, kiddies, all of this is because… #LoveTrumpsHate.

On Fox News Thursday morning, Jonah Goldberg says he thinks that Milo is ‘on Cloud 9’ because of the riot.

He said that Yiannopoulos, ‘courts this stuff, he feeds on it, he gets much more national exposure, he has a parasitic relationship with these mobs. I’m sure he’s just delighted by all of it.



Did Goldberg just say that he thought Yiannopoulos was happy with all this?

Wow. Victim-blame, much?

The guy’s speech was canceled because radical leftists don’t like speech that they disagree with.

Here is raw video of the destruction that escalates quickly:

What is shocking is the cheering from the crowd as the fascist ‘anti-fascists’ destroy private property.

That’s not something any conservative would be happy about.

It was Goldberg that literally wrote the book about ‘Liberal Fascism’ and he’s seeing it played out on the Berkley campus.

He takes time away from talking about that to victim-blaming the conservative.


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