DEAR TRUMP HATERS: DOW To BREAK All-Time Record Today – Shattering REAGAN’S Record

Published on February 24, 2017

Move over Reagan, here comes the ‘Trump Bump’.

Is it the jobs platform? His tax plan? Deregulation?

Whatever is driving it, the Stock Market is LOVING the results of the election.

And isn’t that precisely the OPPOSITE of what some ‘experts’ predicted? Yes. Yes it was.

US markets close up 1.4%, despite earlier global panic at Trump’s victory

Wall Street reacted positively to the election of Donald Trump as the 45th US president, despite his victory sparking panic on global markets earlier in the day. But experts warned that the US, and global, economy faces a very uncertain future. Here’s how the markets looked at the close.

The Guardian, Nov 9

‘It’s frankly astonishing’: Donald Trump hasn’t hurt stock markets — Global News (Feb 17)

And today’s Executive Order slashing red tape will make the business climate even better.

The ‘Trump Bump’ is setting awesome new records!

It’s a GREAT month for the DOW Jones Industrial Average. It’s on a TEAR!

Thursday gave it the 10th consecutive close with a new market high. How good is that?

There have only been two times that the DOW has seen new highs ten days in a row. One was 1929. The other time was yesterday.

If we do it again today, we will have set a NEW record.

But that’s not the only record we could set.

However, counting weekends and holidays, the DOW has closed with new highs over the past 15 days or for more than half this month! The only time in the history of the DOW where the DOW closed with new highs over a longer period was the rally in 1987 under President Reagan. The DOW closed with new highs over a 16 day period (counting weekends) ending on January 20th 1987 for the highest number of consecutive days with new highs – the best in DOW history.

[And that’s not all!]

…* Since the Inauguration on January 20th the DOW has risen 5%. According to Fox Insider, Trump’s first month in office is the DOW’s biggest gain for any President in his first 30 Days since way back in 1909 when Taft was President. — GP

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