GIVE ‘EM HELL STACEY! Miss Dash HAMMERS Trump-Haters – We Think You’ll LOVE It

From talking about the Obama administration to the Women’s March, Stacey Dash dishes out the backlash that Conservative Actors get. And she has one helluva message for Anti-Trumpers.

Stacey Dash, actress and conservative commentator, was recently interviewed on Trending Today USA with Rusty Humphries.

Listen to the 6 minute interview here:

Did you catch that at about the 4:30 mark when she’s talking about meeting someone that disagrees with her?

Don’t you wish more people were like that?

The Bronx, NY native said:

We disagree.

We won.

Get over it.

Move on…

…I want people to understand that I’m not coming from a place of judgment or theory. I lived it. I talk from experience. Most of the liberal elites have no idea what the disenfranchised are feeling or doing. No idea.



The Left needs to be put in their place.

This months-long tantrum needs to end.

The constant protests, the violence, the irrational naysaying of every single thing that conservatives do is tiresome.

We can’t all be the ‘Ists’ and ‘Phobes’ that the Left calls us. (Racist, misogynist, Islamophobe, transphobe, etc, etc.)

Quite frankly, the Left has a few ‘Ists’ and ‘Phobes’ themselves. Look at how they talk about Isreal.

Disenfranchising people that disagree with you ideologically — like what’s happening to people who aren’t openly hostile to President Trump in Hollywood — that’s the real division.

‘He Will Not Divide Us’.

President Trump isn’t trying to.

But the Identity Politics of the Left sure is.

(Take that, Shia LaBeouf!)

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