LEFTIST BIGOTS: Sen. Tim Scott Reads RACIST Tweets Over His Support Of Jeff Sessions (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on February 8, 2017

Senator Tim Scott (R) South Carolina reads out shocking tweets that he received because he was a black man supporting Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

He covered a lot of ground in his speech, even praising Democrat Senator John Lewis for his Civil Rights activism in the 1960s.

He then proceeded to read the vile tweets he has received as a black man supporting the appointment of Sen. Jeff Sessions to the position of Attorney General.

Sen. Scott said that he wouldn’t read out the ones with the ‘N’ word because it wouldn’t be appropriate.

Of course, there was outrage on the Left:

But many Republicans were thrilled:

You can watch Sen. Tim Scott’s full speech here:

What do you think of what Sen. Scott had to say?

Is he right or ridiculous?

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