LMAO: Bruce Jenner ATTACKS Trump! (Guess What He’s TICKED About)

Published on February 24, 2017

Looks like Bruce has his panties in a twist.

He’s LIVID about Trump’s latest decision.

What decision? The one about Trump LIMITING Obama’s past overreach and unconstitutional centralization of powers.

You know, the one saying that Washington doesn’t have any authority to give the Transgender Executive Order that Obama gave. The one that was, even if it were a legitimate use of Presidential authority, poorly written and has inherent problems in its implementation. The one that lets individual States can make their own decisions, rulings, and solutions to the Transgender question.

How dare he restrain is own use of power! He’s obviously a bully!

Bruce is dishing out tweets like this:

Voluntarily REDUCING one’s own authority is now ‘bullying’, is it Brucie? You should some of that famous-for-being-famous money to buy a dictionary.

Let’s refresh your memory about ‘bullying’ shall we? Remember THIS quote?

Caitlyn apparently responded candidly: ‘I have gotten more flack for being a conservative Republican than I have for being trans.’

We’ll probably be called out for not calling Bruce by his ‘preferred pronoun’ or his assumed female name.

He still has his male member. Why should WE be more committed to his being a woman than he is?

Bruce. Chill out. If you REALLY want to Champion this Cause, Go right ahead. Just do it at the State level where it belongs.

That’s the whole POINT of having 50 States. If America wanted an all-powerful central government that could micro-manage American lives, they would have installed a monarchy.

The REAL reason you want this at the Federal level is because you can ‘bully’ an administration to FORCE this on the whole nation far more easily than you can persuade 50 States to adopt it VOLUNTARILY.

Problem is, we can have a government ‘Of the people, For the people, By the people’ … OR the centralized jackboot enforcement of Social Justice Warrior’s pet agendas.

But you really can’t have both.

Maybe you could buy a copy of the Federalist Papers while you’re out buying that dictionary.

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