LMAO: Travel Ban Whiners Asked If THEY’D Let Refugees Squat In Their Homes, Watch The Response!

Yeah. We thought so.

When confronted with the direct impact of the flood-America-with-refugees policy, Leftists are surprisingly intolerant.

(Well, maybe not ‘surprisingly’. After all, look at what happened at Berkeley recently.)

Video prankster, Joey Salads, decided to see how deep the opposition to President Trump’s travel ban was. He went undercover as a leftist to LAX and confronted a few protesters asking them to put their house keys where their protest signs are.


Yes, kiddies — they want us to bring the folks in, but they don’t want them in their house.

Approaching a group of protesters sitting on a ledge at LAX, Salads introduces himself as a member of an outfit that “just got approved by the commissioner of naturalization.”

He then asks if any protesters would be willing to “give donations or to possibly offer shelter.”

Salads’ first victim says, “I have no resources. Sorry.”

A second guy writes in a “small donation” on the clipboard, Salads notes in the video, but declines to offer shelter.

Another guy says he’s “not able to do that” when asked to provide shelter to refugees.

“I live with a man who is a Trump supporter,” one woman replies, “so I don’t think he’d go for it.”
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What’s that?

They’re all unwilling to bring in foreigners into their home that may not speak the language, have no job prospects and are potential radical jihadists?

Isn’t it the tolerant Left that says we need to care for each other and be, you know — #StrongerTogether?

Denying housing the refugees — where is their compassion?

It’s all good and well to join a mob, hold up a sign and shout, BUT…

Leftists shouldn’t make demands that the American government do things that they are unwilling to do themselves.


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