PATRIOTS: Should States Require DRUG TESTS & PHOTO ID For Food Stamps? (LOOK AT THIS!)

Would you like YOUR state to do that? Would that make the EBT program less susceptible to fraud?

Massachusets already has photo on the EBT card, tweeted Ohio State Auditor Dave Yost.

Ohio’s state auditor and two Republican legislators announced a plan to add photo identification to food stamp cards to prevent fraud.

State Auditor Dave Yost, along with State Rep. Tim Schaffer and State Sen. Matt Huffman, announced the legislation Wednesday, the Associated Press reported…

…Schaffer introduced the legislation in the House, and Huffman introduced it in the Senate.
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In last year’s audit of the $2.5 Billion Ohio Food Stamps program, Yost said that he found weaknesses that would allow for potential fraud.

The photo ID would help prevent the trafficking of Food Stamp cards.

You do realize the Liberals will go nuts over this, right?

Maybe it’s perfect timing…

They’re going nuts over everything these days.

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