STUPIDITY MOTHER-LOAD: Majority of Pregnant People Identify as Women, Say Some Brits

Written by Teri O'Brien on February 2, 2017

About 50 years ago, enraged, bellowing, bra-burning feminists started stomping around in their sensible shoes, inflicting themselves on normal people, demanding that everyone acknowledge that there are no differences between men and women, other than the obvious anatomical ones. Now apparently acknowledging even those differences is offensive and a crime against “inclusiveness,” at least according to the British National Health Service.

From The Daily Mail:

NHS doctors have been told not to call pregnant women ‘expectant mothers’ because it might offend transgender people, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The astonishing warning comes in official guidelines issued by the British Medical Association to its 160,000 members, which says mothers-to-be should be referred to as ‘pregnant people’ instead.

The controversial advice to doctors in hospitals and general practice comes just weeks after it emerged that a Briton who was born a girl but is changing to a man put his operation on hold to have a baby.
Four-months pregnant Hayden Cross, 20, is legally male and has had hormone treatment but not sex-change surgery.

There are no other known cases of a transitioning person becoming pregnant in the UK, but official figures show 775,000 women give birth in Britain every year.

Despite this, the BMA insists doctors should drop the word ‘mother’ when referring to pregnancy to avoid offending transgender people and to ‘celebrate diversity’.

The contentious call is made in a 14-page booklet called A Guide to Effective Communication: Inclusive Language in The Workplace.

And lest you think that this latest insanity is just the sort of BS that would sell in the UK or Europe, the Daily Mail story also notes that “midwives in the United States are being directed to use terms such as ‘front-hole’ instead of vagina, and ‘window-birth’ rather than caesarean section, in case trans-people are offended.” I’m not sure who is “directing” these midwives, but the phrase “rear hole” keeps popping into my head.

More observant readers are probably wondering “why in the last two or three years has the issue of the ‘transgendered’ become all the rage?” Whether it’s the controversy over a minuscule percentage of people wanting to use public restrooms designated for the gender other than the one that they had been “assigned” at birth (an assignment that came from God, I feel compelled to mention), the apotheosis of Bruce/Caitlin Jenner, or now this latest directive from the official British medical community, suddenly it’s inescapable. Just yesterday we learn that the Boy Scouts will welcome “transgender” youngsters. Got that? The “Boy” Scouts have to include EVERY “boy”, even girls who think they are boys. And that is NOT coincidental.

As you well know, the Left has had a 100-year+ mission to destroy the traditional family and our civil society. Smashing the institution of marriage was a key objective, along with normalizing homosexuality. In late 20th century America, militant homosexual activists conceived a stealth plan to use the popular culture to do just that by using entertainment. Shows like Will and Grace and the inevitable inclusion of noble homosexual characters in movies throughout the 1990s was all part of the plan.

A passive Supreme Court allowed rogue federal judges to upturn centuries of American law and foist a federal definition of marriage on the 50 states. Mission accomplished! Happy days are here again! The evil, oppressive patriarchy has been dispatched and we have overcome! Not so fast, Partner. For the Left, paradise is always over the horizon, once the Oppressors of the Downtrodden have been vanquished, but—and here’s the key—-the Oppressors can never be vanquished. The Left requires an endless parade of victim-mascots in order to continue to rally the Downtrodden to fight on with the Leftist leaders in charge.

“Trans” is the new “gay.” It is what homosexuality was 25 years ago, a new category of the Downtrodden, and a designation that traditional society uses to unfairly oppress a group of noble people who just want to live and exercise their “civil rights”. The Leftists who have taken over academia, the Jurassic media and entertainment are not going to give up the power that the “struggle” gives them to exercise on the part of the Downtrodden, so prepare to see more of this derangement presented as perfectly normal. They will never stop.

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