YOU’RE FIRED! Acting AG Finds Out What Happens When You ‘Tap on the Glass’

Written by Candace Hardin on February 2, 2017

Many times in glass enclosures where wild animals or fish are housed, you will see a sign that says, “Don’t Tap on the Glass.”

There are many reasons for this rule. In some cases, as in aquariums, it is painful to the fish as the water amplifies the sound. Other times when larger animals are enclosed, they can become enraged or aggressive when provoked.

It appears that a revolt is brewing in the civil service/government workforce. Many are unhappy with the new President and administration and are looking for ways to upset the new applecart.

There are covert meetings and secret Face Book accounts to leak information about how the workers plan to hold up progress and cause backlog.

Great! On a good day, government workers are not the most efficient tools in the sheds. If they plan to slow down even more, it will make sloths and snails look like they are breaking the sound barrier.

Of course, most of these employees might be too young to remember when there was a legendary President named Ronald Reagan.

Here is a precautionary tale of another somewhat unpopular Republican leader who didn’t hold with willful, childlike tantrums when it came to business.

Once upon a time in the White House, there was a strong willed, charismatic man who once acted in Hollywood, but later turned to politics. He was first a governor, then he was elected President. He was a great patriot and the American People’s choice. His election was historical and set many records for number of votes. His name was Ronald Reagan.

However, as things go, not all people were happy with the new administration. They enjoyed status quo, and business as usual.

Many groups grumbled and thought to try the new leader of government.

One such group was the Air Traffic Controller’s Union and employees. Air Traffic Controllers handle all of the incoming and outgoing traffic in airports. They work under the mantle of the US Government.

The workers wanted more money and threatened to strike and shut down all the airports in the United States.

President Reagan advised them to change their minds. He promised to take action if the union went on strike and the employees went to the picket lines.

The workers didn’t take heed of his warnings. Used to getting what they wanted, they went out on strike anyway.

President Reagan brought the hammer down as promised and fired 11,345 workers after a two-day strike.

He broke the union and there were no more jobs for these people to complain about anymore. Temporary workers and new Controllers were immediately hired to take the terminated workers’ places.

Sure, there were some protests, but it didn’t faze the legendary Reagan.

So, boys and girls, the moral of the story is:

If you mess with the bull, there is always the chance you will get the horns, as the acting AG just found out when she defied President Trump’s executive order on immigration.

President Trump is a no nonsense businessman. He has NO problem with one of his trademark statements:



Tapping on the proverbial glass might enrage the tiger. It is an ill-advised action and could cost many otherwise lucrative careers that may not be able to be duplicated.

Image: Modified from Shutterstock; by Ipek Morel; ID: 513723430

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