WATCH: NFL Owner ‘DISHES’ On What Trump Is REALLY Like … OFF Camera!

They’ve said Trump’s PUBLIC persona, and his PRIVATE one are different. (Here’s the inside story)

We know about Twitter, and his TV persona tell us about him. We know what the hit pieces in the media have to say.

But what kind of a man is the President when nobody’s watching except those who REALLY know him?

In this interview, long-time friend, and Patriots Owner tells us his OWN story:

“He’s been great to me over those last two decades,” said Kraft, whose team is set to make its eighth Super Bowl appearance Sunday.

Kraft’s wife, Myra, died from ovarian cancer in July 2011. He said Trump was there for support when he needed it most.

“In the toughest time in my life, he was there for me when my beloved wife died five and half years ago. He came to the funeral with Melania. He visited me at my home memorial. He called me once a week for a year,” Kraft said. –Source: Fox News Insider

So, when you contrast this story to what the ‘haters’ are calling him… do they REALLY sound like they’re talking about the same person?

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