WATCH: Thugs Attack The WRONG Bro – Protests ERUPT Over Altercation

Published on February 23, 2017

If you were looking for an ‘Obama legacy’ that Trump hasn’t erased yet? Here’s one.

What was Obama famous for? Jumping to conclusions about guilt and innocence, with a kneejerk instinct of siding WITH ethnic minorities and against police whenever that dynamic surfaced.

That led to protests…

Which led to violence…

Which led to stories like Baltimore…

Let’s hope America learned her lesson about selecting an Activist for the role of President.

But here we have a situation which — in video released by La Raza — tries to make a case against the cops.

A group called ‘the RACE’ (in Spanish, La Raza) has NOTHING to gain by exploiting a story to their own advantage, right? Should it be accepted uncritically as ‘true’ and ‘complete’?

Here is the facebook post that is whipping the public into a frenzy:

Man claiming to be police officer grabs young Chicano kid violently and eventually pulls gun out and shoots at kids. This is the same Wild West Rangers mentality that these people still hold and feel more emboldened to act on it now.
They feel they must subdue the Native! They feel they must subdue the Mexicans!
This happened in Anaheim, California. 2/21/17

Under Obama, that would have been enough. He would have held a press conference, and announced that the cop in question was a bad hombre… a disgrace to the uniform… and would have called for his arrest.

Fortunately, TODAY’s administration is one of Law and Order, where the legal assumption of innocence once again includes to law enforcement.

Those Protesting now, decided that this clip was enough information for them to march and demonstrate. They didn’t wait to find out the other side of the story.

They’ve decided he’s a bad man and they want his head on a platter.

Here’s the dispassionate discourse being played on the news:

‘My son is alive today, but if he would have not fought for his life along with those other children, he would be in a morgue right now.

That was his mother. She was the one who organized this ‘protest’.

The protesters who (predictably showed up) have made up their minds.

It’s irrelevant that the cop was at his own home … ‘filmed struggling with one teen who he accused of threatening to shoot him, then scuffling with the entire group of teens outside his home.’

It’s also ‘irrelevant’ to the protesters that the cop was in the process of trying to handcuff and arrest the teen in question while the crowd of other teens gathered around.

Did he pull out his gun? Yes. We have that on video.

Was anybody hurt? No, they were not.

Do we have anything on record about his REASONS for doing so? No, we do not.

Were they interfering with a lawful arrest? Was he — on his own property — acting in what he considered self-defence?

We. Don’t. Know.

Does America still give an accused man the opportunity to face his accusers, and defend his innocence? That depends on how much it has been ‘Fundamentally Transformed’ by Obama.

America USED to do that.

But now? Now we do something else.

Now we hold giant protests in front of a police officer’s home.

What initially began as peaceful protests eventually gave way to violence, as protesters threw rocks and bottles at officers.

One picture was posted on social media showing the words, ‘f*** pigs,’ spray-painted across a garage door it was claimed belonged to the officer.

(As you’d expect… the vandals tagged the wrong house.)

Predictably, they got disorderly. And arrests were made.

The police have ALREADY done what they were supposed to do:

They put the accused officer on administration leave until they have fully investigated the facts of the case. You know… ‘by the book’. ‘Assuming innocence’.

But the ‘protesters’? They obviously haven’t learned the hard lesson the DC rioters learned. Rioters will face hard time.

Well, there may not ALL face hard time. In light of the Administration’s latest instructions… once the fingerprints are taken? If it turn out they’re not SUPPOSED to be in the country… and they’ve broken the law? That makes it easy!


And that’s how it SHOULD be.

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