ANOTHER FOX NEWS SEX SCANDAL? Look How Much FOX Paid Holder After New Creeper Allegations

Published on March 9, 2017

Ailes picked this guy as his first apprentice. He learned ALL the wrong lessons.

Just when you thought Fox might have turned the page on their sex scandal stories? Along comes THIS one.

Francisco Cortes was the very FIRST person Ailes picked for his apprenticeship program. He’s now fired.

His dismissal was related to allegations by Tamara Holder for an incident from about two years ago.

Tamara Holder and 21st Century Fox reportedly worked out a deal last month that awarded the lawyer and author $2.5million following an incident that allegedly occurred two years ago.

…She alleged that Cortes, the vice president of Fox News Latino, tried to force her into performing oral sex on him when the two were alone in his office according to four individuals with knowledge of the situation who spoke with The New York Times.
Holder, 37, said she waited so long to come forward because she was afraid she would lose her job.

Holder meanwhile applauded the network on Wednesday night after news of the settlement broke, saying: ‘Yes, I was sexually assaulted. Immediately after I told the company where I worked about the incident, it promptly investigated the matter and took action, which I appreciate.’
She also explained why she waited so long to report the alleged incident, revealing that she had been warned that lodging a complaint could have a negative impact on her career.
‘I was told by agents and lawyers that if I opened up, I would forever be “toxic” and my career would be over,’ explained Holder. —DailyMail

On the upside, the Holder said that once the complaint was lodged, the company acted promptly, and took decisive action, for which she thanked FOX.

Integrity still matters. This is how easy it is for one or two sickos can stain an entire company’s reputation. FOX had better hope they’re all gone now. This is NOT a problem you want to see repeated again and again.

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