LMAO: Watch Sharia Lovin’ Chief Angry Chick Get ARRESTED During Whiny Woman March

Published on March 9, 2017

Another Day, another Democrat’s Disorderly Conduct.

While Conservatives like to measure their accomplishments by hitting goals with respect to Career, family, or personal achievements, the left apparently scores THEIR points for how involved they are in pimping their politics.

Here’s another example. Remember that prominent speaker from the Nasty Woman march just after inauguration? The one who — ironically — ALSO pimps for Sharia Law?

ARRESTED! More on that in a minute. Some of our readers may not remember her. Let’s fix that.

She’s the same ‘pro-sharia feminst’ who called out a woman that didn’t share her politics. She tweeted:

Why does she hate Ayan Hirsi Ali? You’d think Ali is a fantastic example of advocating for Women’s Rights? Her foundation fights against Honor Violence, Forced Marriage, and Female Genital Mutilation. Especially since she herself was a victim of Female Genital Mutilation, and has a Fatwa out on her.

Ironic how this Pro-Sharia ‘Feminist’ wishes she could ‘take her vagina away’ … seeing what OTHERS have already done to her body.

Now that we’re all up to speed… what is this Democrat darling up to now?

Yes. Protesting at Trump Tower. Making a point of being arrested.

At least SHE was trying to score her political points WITHOUT resorting to felony rioting. (Is Tim Kaine’s kid taking notes?)

At the end of the day, these Community Organizers draw strength from the perpetual outrage machine that is (as the late great Andrew Breitbart called it) the ‘Democrat-media complex’.

Do they go out and ACCOMPLISH anything? No. They spend their time ‘identifying with causes’.

Do they PRODUCE anything? Just more outrage.

But she’s a Feminist. Who wishes she could take an ACTUAL women’s rights’ advocate’s vagina away. You know, a woman who pays an actual PRICE for her advocacy.

Share if she is the PERFECT embodiment of Democrat’s Hypocrisy.