Chelsea Handler ATTACKS Trump Family – Donald Jr. Gets LAST LAUGH!

It all began with an innocent announcement that the Trump family is growing… and that’s when the fight broke out.

It was just a Twitter fight, actually.

Eric Trump tweeted that he and wife Lara are expecting their first child this year.

Loudmouth ‘comedian’ Chelsea Handler just couldn’t resist responding.

She’s taken that ‘Resistance’ mantra of the Hollywood leftist elites to heart.

She made sure she was out there at the Nasty Women’s March.

She had to be sure to defend ‘Choice’ because when she was 16, she had gone to Planned Parenthood for an abortion. Twice.

I guess after her first ‘safe-legal-and-rare’ abortion, Handler didn’t receive the ‘core service’ discussing contraceptive options provided by Planned Parenthood.

But I digress…

Handler had some pretty rude things to say about the First Lady right after the Nasty Women’s March.

So, what stops her from being completely classless and attacking someone when they announce that they are expecting their first child?

Well, she’s been completely classless before, so why stop now?

Have at ‘er, Chelsea.



She confused the genetic building blocks of humanity with cotton twill fabric pants.


Donald Jr.’s response to Chelsea:

Donald Jr. wasn’t the only one mocking her on Twitter:

Others just had fun with it:

After the mocking, she gave here excuse:

Well, you know what they say, Chelsea:


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