LMAO: Michael Moore’s OMINOUS Climate Change Prophecy Morphs Into Internet HILARITY!

Published on March 29, 2017

It’s been a real up and down year for Mikey.

Predicting Trump… crying about it… predicting the Apocalypse. It’s hard for him.

Yep. predicting the Apocalypse. He even put a date on it. March 28, 2017.

He made his bold announcement the way all such announcements are made… like a madman screaming into the wind.

But because the wind happens to be *outside*, Little Mikey Moore had to let Twitter do it for him.

It didn’t take anyone long to ask “which” historians would be recording this day after all human life was wiped out.

Theories on this were varied, from straight-up taunting to such helpful answers as ‘Planet of the Apes’.

Others showed their contempt another way.

Yeah, it DOES seem a *litle* melodramatic, doesn’t it?

Looks just like him.

Nope. But then again, you don’t really WANT a meal while looking at him, do you?

What’s REALLY driving this?

Is he trying to win back some of his Leftist street cred after predicting a Trump win when everyone else had written Trump off?

Is he trying to forget that he said THIS?

MICHAEL MOORE: ‘Trump’s Election Will Be The Biggest F**K YOU In Human History’ (VIDEO)

Because Mikey? YOU are one of the people that giant Eff-you was directed at.

You and your America-hating, cheeseburger-swilling, artery-hardening, Ironic capitalism-hating, lying-hit-piece producing, self-loathing POS ‘body of work’.

After you realized that your Biggest Eff You speech made you radioactive to your little Hollywood friends, you went back to copying them. Like the heavy-set, awkward younger brother to tries to impress his big brother hand his buddies by doing every dumb thing they dare him to do.
What Michael Moore Just Said About Trump PROVES Being Obese Causes BRAIN DAMAGE!

Congrats, Mikey. You’re a laughingstock.

Enjoy the limelight. You worked SO hard to get it.

Share if this isn’t QUITE the attention he was so *hungry* for.