WATCH: Refugee Sings ANNOYING Song At Cafe – Bro Takes Him OUT With A …

Is there anything worse than bad ‘street entertainment’? This bro has the solution.

Some buskers are fantastic… and are just fantastically bad.

Here’s a guy ‘sharing his talent’ with the world.

Scratch that.

Here’s a guy ‘sharing his delusion of having talent’ with the world.

He’s singing — if you can call it that — while playing — if you can call it that — the accordion.

I’m no big accordion fan, but I’m seriously not a fan of singing from your throat over an accordion.

Apparently, I’m not alone.



Taken out by a chair.

Well, now that street performer knows how his audience feels.

Share if you think that the ‘singer’ shouldn’t have been performing in the first place

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