WATCH: Obama Voters Get VIOLENT At IHOP – Cops Introduce Them To TASERS

Written by K. Walker on March 9, 2017

Who said a trip to IHOP was boring?

A brawl began at an IHOP in Fort Meyers, Florida, and police were called.

When law enforcement arrived, they tried to calm the situation, but it continued to escalate.

Then, one officer entered with taser drawn, and immediately took control of the chaotic situation.

A huge fight between a group of girls at AN IHOP in America forced a Sheriff department deputy to step in with Tasers and force almost half the cafe to the floor.

Video footage from inside the pancake house shows the group fighting in a back room, battering each other with coffee canisters and any other weapon they could get their hands on.

People gather around to watch, but no members of staff at the store in Fort Myers, Florida, appear to be doing much to break it up.

When they group emerges from the back, a man begins having a verbal argument with the group.

A few members of the Lee County Sheriff’s department step in and try to reason with the group, but tensions remain high.

Suddenly, in steps a large, bald officer who produces a Taser and screams at everyone to get on the ground.

Stunned, the majority of the group immediately drops to the floor – although he is far from afraid from manhandling those still standing when he reaches them.
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Order was restored once the officer asserted his authority.

The troublemakers were taken out and questioned.

Good work, officer!

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