WATCH: This PRO-HUNTING Little Cutie Just Blew AGT’s Hosts Away – Cue The Liberal RAGE

This is spectacular. It wasn’t just this little girl’s talent, but how her hunting dream will enrage Libs everywhere.

Fittingly, 11-year old Chloe Channell sang ‘All-American Girl’.

This video is stunning. Not just because of Chloe’s undeniable talent, but also for her pre-performance interview.

You’re going to love this!



That. Was. Spectacular.

Don’t you love the look of shock on the judge’s faces when she says that she wants to open a Hunting Camp?

They’re not sure what to expect.

Then she sings and stuns them all.

Howie Mandel jumps all in and tells Chloe that she’s got a bright future ahead of her.

I believe that you, young lady have a career ahead of you. You are going to be able to afford guns and tents and there’s going to be all the dead animals any little girl could hope for.

Chloe’s response was priceless.

She simply said, ‘Thank you’.

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