WATCH: ‘Stupid Women, Who Welcome FAKE Refugees, Are Like Spectators At A TSUNAMI’

Published on March 1, 2017

He’s an old white dude sounding an alarm that ought to be coming from the Feminists.

Will they listen in time?

Here are a couple of excerpts:

The man who reported his fellow Tunisians — and all credit to him for doings so — said that they don’t regard rape as a crime at all … they consider it ‘normal behavior’.

in Sweden, a Syrian man, pretending to be a child, got two months in prison for raping TWO girls — one of thirteen, who was dragged into a toilet and raped both vaginally and anally — got two months because Sweden’s ‘Feminist’ government clearly doesn’t regard rape as a crime worth of punishment…

He’s a gloves-off warning to the ladies.

Nobody there cares about your future enough to do something. It’s up to you.

Wake up before you’re out of time.

You have exactly ONE tool you can defend yourselves with at this point, and you need to use it while it can still make a difference.

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