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WATCH: ‘We’re At F—ING WAR, The Enemies IN Our Country & Politicians Want MORE’

The Left is absolutely VILIFYING this man who dared to tell it like it is.

Firebrand Tommy Robinson was in London shooting a video warning about Islamic extremism when the terror attack occurred.

The 34-year old is the former co-founder of the English Defence League, which is described as a street protest movement that opposes the spread of Islamism and Sharia Law in Britain. Initially, the EDL was formed because Robinson had read about the recruiting of British Muslims to fight against the West in Afghanistan. Robinson maintains that the group was against the rise of radical Islam, not Islam in general. However, the group has been labeled ‘Islamophobic’ by the Media.

Robinson did leave the group in 2013 out of concern for ‘far-right extremism’ that was emerging. Many rank-and-file members readily admitted to being ‘anti-Muslim’.

Robinson does have concerns about the lack of free speech in Islam, and problems with the man Mohammed. Like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, he has problems with the lack of ability to critique Islam. (See last video.)

Despite his attempted disassociation from the group, Tommy Robinson is vilified in Britain for his outspoken views on Islamic Terrorism.

Watch Tommy Robinson tell the TRUTH right after the terror attack: (LANGUAGE WARNING)

Tommy Robinson apparently agrees with Donald Trump Jr.

Watch the Rebel Media interview of Tommy Robinson get interrupted by the Leftist Media:

And that’s when the hate began…

Here is his response to the above tweet:

He made a final video after his car tire blew out on his way home.

As he begins his live video, Robinson explains that his tyre has blown out, forcing him to pull over at the side of the road on his way home from London.

In his rant, Robinson says: “”Why are you [Muslims] feeling intimidated? No one’s driving cars into you. No one’s raping your daughters. No one’s beheading you. That’s happening to our community.

“How the f*** does the Muslim community end up as the victims in this again?”

Tommy said he was in London at the time of yesterday’s attack because he was “making a video warning about Islam”.
Read more: The Mirror

In this video, Robinson responds to the attacks that he has been getting:

One last video where Robinson calmly reacts:

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FYI: he doesn’t really care what you think:

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