CLASH POLL: What’s MORE Likely To Occur – A Grizzly Gets Potty Trained Or CNN Tells The Truth?

Tough call, isn’t it?

In one corner, we have a Grizzly bear, with his unrelenting habit of tending to his needs in the woods.

It’s ACTUALLY axiomatic.

In the OTHER corner, we have #VeryFakeNews.

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It’s not just that they MERELY tell fake stories. They habitually cherry pick the ones that cheer one party, and put the other one in a negative light.

Worse — when there is something that can discredit their conclusions — they ignore it.

Remember when CNN portrayed a call to violence as a plea for peace? (Because the narrative must go on!) We remember!

WATCH: CNN Forced to APOLOGIZE For Lying To It’s GULLIBLE Viewers!

What they REALLY should be apologizing for isn’t the video editing. It’s for trying to manipulate their viewers. She was never a ‘sympathetic victim’ calling for peace. But the truth didn’t fit the story they were trying to tell.

If CNN had any shame at all, they’d be embarrassed to show your faces after this. But nothing will really change. Will it?

Or the time when they conveniently Edited the Keith Scott video … removed the voice of the police telling him to drop the gun? (Since the youtube is deleted there, you can find the same clip here.)

Even the courts agree that CNN sucks at telling the Truth.
IT’S OFFICIAL! Federal Judge Finds CNN GUILTY of Pushing ‘Fake News’ (This Is NOT Satire)

That’s without even going into the disproportionate reporting of the various ‘sins’ of politicians on either side. Or the visible HORROR when they watched Hillary lose on election day.

Could a bear be TAUGHT to use a toilet? Hard to say. They’re pretty smart. But they seem stubborn. The right trainer can get animals to do some pretty amazing things.

Could CNN be made to tell the truth? They’d have to overcome their biases. And they seem VERY attached to their biases. It’s hard to imagine them letting those go long enough to tell the truth.

Which do YOU think is more likely to happen?

Share if BOTH are about as likely as finding a four-leaf clover while getting hit by lightning.


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