Chelsea Says, This Is WHY America REJECTED Her Mama – Is She SERIOUS?

Published on April 20, 2017

Normally, when a person fails to get elected, they look at something THEY can do differently for a better chance at success.

But being a Clinton means never having to take responsibility.

Like mother… like daughter.

When asking why Hillary did not win the election? She did the most Clintonian thing you could imagine.

She blamed the voters.

The former first daughter, now sucking off the Clinton Foundation teat, says America was just too sexist to vote for her mom. There, she said it. Sorry, not sorry.

Clinton said she was “not surprised” to see just how sexist America is — which she said she learned by driving around to campaign stops in a limousine before boarding the private jet bound for the next horribble “fly over” spot on the trail.

“I’m deeply saddened,” Chelsea said recently, according to Heat Street. “I think it’s important for us to realize we can’t take progress for granted. Progress has to be continually defended as well as advanced. I think about this multiple times a day.”

Her comments came in an interview with Variety, which recently awarded her the “Lifetime Impact Award” (she’s 37, and has done nothing to earn such an award — think of the women out there who are more deserving!). — Daily Wire

A cynical person might point out the irony that America DID vote for her FATHER, and he had a rather chequered past with respect to proper treatment of women (some have even alleged he RAPED them).

Is the fact that America voted for her DAD proof of her claims? Or was that different, somehow?

Or is Chelsea defaulting to Clintonian dodge, deny and blame tactics.

Let’s hope this does NOT suggest she’s preparing for her OWN run for high office. God help us all.

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